STEM will be meeting TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS at Calvary Bible Church on Drake Avenue.

Please check this page for any COVID updates relating to STEM

STEM Families, as we navigate these uncertain times, please know that your STEM admin are trying to make the best decisions for students as well as facilitators regarding the COVID virus. Of course our hope is  to proceed with STEM as normal as possible.  

Thank you for your patience!  STEM is committed to protecting the health of our students, families, facilitators, and the members of Calvary Bible Church.  We are also committed to continue to offer quality high school courses with as few interruptions as possible, safely, and to make the course material available to all of our students. Students who cannot attend classes because of health concerns will have the option to attend virtually live via Zoom.  Facilitators will interact with you regarding this for their individual classes. The link below outlines the measures that we will be taking to follow the guidelines given to us by our host church, until further notice.  Any changes or new information will be promptly posted here.  

All families, current and new, interested in STEM should begin by

1) Reading this page carefully to understand STEM’s philosophy

2) Reading through ALL of the documents in the Forms & Handbook, Courses and Calendar and Registration tabs for answers to most registration, calendar and course questions. 


We are Seekers of Truth, Excellence, and Mastery (STEM) Christian Academic Collaborative, a collaborative of homeschool families from all over Madison County coming together to offer core requirements and select electives for high school credit for homeschoolers in grades 8-12.

We are committed to a foundation built on God’s truth, developing Godly character in our children, and holding them to an academic standard of excellence as they achieve mastery of the skills necessary for college and today’s world.


The STEM collaborative is designed to serve as a partnership between homeschool parents, students, and classroom facilitators to provide a Christ-centered environment and facilitate college prep instruction.

Parent involvement along with student maturity, responsibility, and self-motivation are essential to each student’s success. A family’s choice to homeschool implies that parents are assuming responsibility for their students’ education.

STEM’s aim is to provide support and enrichment for homeschool families with high school students.


PARENTS are the primary teachers and ultimately responsible for the education of their own children.  Facilitators are prepared to lead their students through the curricula; however, for students to be successful at any level, the parents must be willing to commit to assisting their children at home and ensure completion of assignments.   STEM is a support to the homeschooling family, not a substitute for instruction at home. Parents are responsible to review the course description, the class syllabus, and policies and procedures of all classes that their students are enrolled in.  Parents have access to Thinkwave and are expected to keep up with student performance. Any questions regarding specific courses or coursework should be directed to the facilitator.

Parents keep up with their students’ attendance and record of grades.  STEM is an extension of your homeschool and not a covering.  STEM does not keep grades or other records. Parents are also asked to ensure that students are following the dress code guidelines.

CLASSROOM FACILITATORS are skilled in their subjects and passionate about student learning.  They facilitate the learning of college prep high school course material, and parents are expected to ensure completion of homework and satisfactory adherence to the policies. Facilitators choose curriculum and provide clear assignments, schedules and due dates for student work as well as feedback through Thinkwave.  Each will provide specific details concerning grading policies, homework policies, and parent involvement. 

STUDENTS are expected to display Christian morals in behavior, dress and conduct.  They are expected to arrive to class on time and ready to learn. Students are responsible to follow the guidelines laid out in the STEM handbook, the dress code, course requirements, and to complete work by assigned due dates and communicate with their facilitator regarding absences.

STEM reserves the right to accept, suspend or dismiss any student or family at any time.

If you have a question, please read through the links on this website.  If your question is not answered, send us an email at STEM Administration works hard to provide an efficient, positive, and Christ-Centered option for you and your families. During the academic year, emails will be answered on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 8:45am and 2pm.  During holidays and summer season, please allow 5-7 days for an email response.   If there is an immediate need, please contact your Classroom Facilitator.